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  It’s sunny and we head south to Red Rocks, a few humpback whales blow in the distance and Hippa Island looks tropical. We set up our net in anticipation of the coho rodeo about to commence. I start shedding layers, it is actually hot and my 4 layers of thermal long underwear was a bit over kill. The humpbacks…

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The fog is thick offshore and the slow roll of the ocean with long period waves in between each set is mesmerizing. We head out the North passage yet again to the salmon hot spot and started trolling around at 20 pulls. Almost instantly we hook up on the starboard side, the reel screams out line and I kick the…

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It’s first light, my favourite time of the day, because it means it’s time to go fishing again! The pea soup fog is hanging low off the water, and the crisp scent of it is invigorating. We head North looking out for other boats and other obstacles. Thank goodness for our GPS and compass, because without any visual landmarks, it…

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It’s sunny in Haida Gwaii and not the misty kind of Queen Charlotte Sunshine we have grown to love over the years, but actual Vitamin D kind! As our new fleet of guests start to follow the afternoon fishmaster out of the mouth of Nesto Inlet, all boats came to a dead stop as a pod of over a dozen…

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Flat calm waters, and out of nowhere got a couple of head shakes and a big pull, so though I had a halibut, pulled it all the way up, couple of head shakes, back down a few times, and finally got it to the boat and low and behold a 31 lbs salmon pooped his heads through the sea foam…

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