Salmon Fishing Hippa Island

Caring for your Catch

Fish in the Box!

Stocking up for winter?

Cleaning, Filleting, Canning, Smoking

We encourage our guests to harvest no more than they are likely to eat over the winter, and to gently release those fish not wanted. We take great care in getting your fish back to your home in the best possible condition for your table!


The very first step to ensuring the best quality is to bleed your fish as soon as it is in the fish box. The difference is incredible for all species. We ask you to tag your fish to ensure that you get to enjoy your own catch! Our crew then fillets, vacuum packs and freezes your fish. On the last morning your fish is boxed for your return.

If you would like any of your catch canned or smoked we will arrange to have it sent to St. Jeans Cannery.