Salmon Fishing Hippa Island

Fishing Boats & Tackle

The Gear You Need to Get the Fish!

Your Boat

Of all the aspects of a fishing adventure, probably the most critical is the comfort, design and safety of the boat. Here you will be spending up to 16 hours a day! We have designed and custom built a boat especially for our waters and with the serious fisherman in mind.

Features Worth Noting :                                                                                                 
  • Seaworthy: 18 feet long with an 8 foot beam, self bailing with 3000 pounds of positive floatation.
  • Powered by Honda 50 HP 4 stroke engines. This is a go anywhere, any weather boat!
  • Comfort: The high gunnels and wide beam make this a stand up walk around boat. Twin consoles provide each guest with their own protection.
  • Electronics: Most notable are the Lowrance Chart GPS units which allow you to navigate with pinpoint accuracy to the fish and home again. Of course Sounders and VHF radios.
  • Fishability: Designed by fishermen for fishermen. Everything at hand! A self bailing fish box that can hold a 140 pound halibut straight into the box. Rod holder placements everywhere.

 Your Tackle & Equipment

With your comfort and safety in mind we provide you with the very best in Mustang two piece floatation suits along with boots. Warm and dry! With fishing in mind we provide ALL TACKLE, RODS, REELS AND BAIT! You need not bring any fishing tackle unless you wish to bring fly-fishing gear or a special rod .

Fishing Gear                                                                                  

Salmon Gear Includes

10 ½ foot Daiwa Mooching rods which are lively enough to enjoy coho but with enough spine to handle all but the biggest Halibut. Daiwa M-1 mooching reels. (We really like these single action knuckle busters and encourage all to enjoy the sport.) Shimano TR 200 G level wind reels (for those whom we cannot convince to use the single action) Maxima 25 pound ultra green is our line of choice

Halibut Gear Includes

7 foot Berkley Rough Neck Halibut rods. We know it is at least strong enough for 304 pounds! Shimano TLD 20 reels. Berkley Big Game 50 pound line Peetz harpoons (Along with lots of advice on their use).