Salmon Fishing Hippa Island

What to Bring

Leave room for your fish on the way home!

What to pack

Pack light! Under 25 pounds please.

This becomes critical on the return charter from the ship when we are loaded with your fish. Do not forget, you will be returning with 1, 2 or more 50-60 pound boxes of dressed fish. If you are flying home from Vancouver, by packing light you may save yourself significant dollars by having your personal items as carry on. Soft sided luggage preferred.



We provide Mustang suits and boots for your fishing outerwear.

Bring non-slip shoes, a windbreaker, sweatshirts or sweater, extra pants and shorts. Include warm socks, gloves, sunscreen, sunglasses, camera, and a swimsuit for the hot tub.


Please ensure that you have a full supply of any prescribed medications.
prior to departure.

Include medications in your carry on luggage through your journey, there is a limited supply of over the counter medications on board if required.

For those who may suffer periodic “motion sickness” we suggest you take medication the night before your departure to the ship and then again in the morning. This allows the medication to get into your system and a more comfortable first afternoon.

WIFI & Cell Phones

There is no Wifi or cell service.

Satellite phone service is available on the ship at a charge. Emergency messages to the Charlotte Queen ship can be relayed through either our office or airport coordinator.

Trip cancellation Insurance

We recommend that you consider purchasing travel insurance in case of unforseen family emergencies, sicknesses or other conditions that may result prior to your trip.

Hotels in Vancouver

Please ask for in-house reservations and quote “Charlotte Queen Adventures” when making reservations.

If you are planning to overnight in Vancouver may we suggest the following Hotels close to the airport. These hotels run airport shuttles and have freezers to accommodate your fish.

Sheraton Vancouver Inn 7550 Westminster Highway 604-273-7878
The Executive Airport Inn 7311 Westminster Highway 604-278-5555
Fairmont Hotel At Vancouver International Airport 1-877-442-FISH (3474)