Salmon Fishing Hippa Island

About Us

Born of a passion for fishing Salmon and Halibut...
Charlotte Queen Adventures was born of a passion for fishing Salmon and Halibut.
In the 1990’s the MV Charlotte Explorer fished the West coast of the Haida Gwaii, exploring Englefield Bay and Hippa Island. Ultimately the company chose the waters around Hippa Island as the best location for both Salmon and Halibut.

In 1997 the partners of the Charlotte Explorer chose to charter the ship in the South Pacific.
Upon her return the ship was sold.

But the lure of Hippa remained strong. Bruce Plankinton, who has fished the entire coast of BC and Alaska, had found nothing comparable to Hippa. After putting together a group of former employees of the Charlotte Explorer to man the ship, Bruce invested in the classic ocean going tug and did a complete first class refit to accommodate 12 guests in comfort.


When we returned to Hippa in the summer of 2001 we found the fishing better than we remembered. Our passion was rewarded and renewed. Each season we are constantly amazed by the incredible structure that holds bait and fish in our area. We never stop learning. It is our pleasure to share this adventure.
-Bruce Plankinton

I’ve been fishing for over 40 years and salmon are the only fish that have held my interest. With bonefish or tarpon you can almost always predict the fight. Marlin and sailfish were a major disappointment. Every salmon is wildly different. Here we get to play so many it is unbelievable. Along with the Halibut and Ling you have my favorite spot to fish.