Salmon Fishing Hippa Island

The Fish

Salmon, Halibut, Cod, Seabass...What's your preference?
The fishing at Hippa Island is remarkably consistent. It extends from before May until late September, however there are some subtle differences in the abundance of various species through our season. Perhaps the following will help you select a preferred time to book your adventure.

Chinook Salmon (Kings, Springs, Blackmouth)

Throughout our season we get wave after wave of Chinook returning to their rivers as far south as Northern California. When they pass by Hippa they are aggressively feeding and very bright! These are HOT fish. While there are seasonal variations, the average “kept” Chinook at Hippa is around 25 pounds. (Which happens to be the best eating size) Trophy Chinook?

Traditionally the largest of the season is caught early to mid June. However, these can be found any time in our season. Our general impression…

June: Some of the “hottest” fish of the season. Likely the largest of the year. July: Consistently excellent with a slightly higher percentage of Tyee’s (Over 30#) August: Maybe (and that really is a maybe) slightly fewer Chinook but average size starting to go up near the end of August. (Numbers may appear to go down as there is great competition with the abundant Coho.

Coho Salmon (Silvers)

June: While we will start catching some Coho early in June, they are generally around 6 pounds. July: By mid July they are in great abundance and averaging around 8 pounds. August: Toward the end of August they are still in great abundance with average weights 10 pounds plus and the occasional acrobatic beauty in the high teens or early 20’s



Once again…remarkably consistent throughout our season. Traditionally the largest Halibut of the year is generally caught in August. However, it should be noted that the consensus is that the best eating are generally below 60 pounds. As we very often are fishing for all species in the exact same locations we catch most of our halibut on Salmon mooching rods. While this probably eliminates the possibility of the 200 pound plus it adds a sporting dimension to the mid range sizes. (Our record for mooching rod halibut is 178 pounds!) Perusing some of our catch statistics we have noted that June is rating more than its share of Halibut in the plus 50 # mark.


Ling Cod

Ling Cod fishing around Hippa is absolutely brilliant! As often as not we do not even target these tasty fish, but rather catch them as a bonus when fishing for Salmon and Halibut. The best eating are generally below 20 pounds. We encourage our guests to release the many monsters found above 25 pounds.


Rockfish & Yellow Eye

Rockfish are so plentiful in our waters that we generally recommend fishing away from pinnacles and kelp beds to avoid them. As they are such slow growing fish which are endangered in southern waters, we encourage our anglers to keep only a few if they really enjoy them on the table. The most sought after are the Yellow Eye Rockfish which are generally caught as a coincidence when fishing for Halibut in waters around 200 feet deep.