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About Haida Gwaii

Experience the Land, People & Culture

On June 3, 2010 the Queen Charlotte Islands were officially renamed Haida Gwaii which means the “Islands of the People”. It is an archipelago on the North Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Haida Gwaii consists of two main islands: Graham Island in the north, and Moresby Island in the south, along with 150 smaller islands (including Hippa Island) surrounded by pristine white-sand beaches and spectacular rugged coastlines.

This untouched and natural coastal environment offers an abundance of activities and adventures such as fishing, kayaking, hiking, historical tours, and much more. A spectacular mix of nature and wildlife viewing is ever-present here with several species of whales, sea lions, eagles, deer, seals, puffins and bears.

Visitors worldwide are attracted to the history, culture and vibrant arts of the Haida Nation. There are many attractions and visitor centers throughout the islands. The Haida Cultural Center offers a glance into the culture, language and history of the Haida Nation with the Haida Museum, a performing house, canoe house, carving shed, and much more.



Those of us who are humbled to spend time in Haida Gwaii treat this sacred area with the utmost respect.

“Our culture is born of respect, and intimacy with the land and sea and the
air around us. Like the forests, the roots of our people are intertwined such
that the greatest troubles cannot overcome us. We owe our existence to
Haida Gwaii. The living generation accepts the responsibility to ensure that
our heritage is passed on to following generations.”