Salmon Fishing Hippa Island

It’s 5 am and time to fish…the salmon bite was on at first light yesterday morning so everyone was ready for some action this morning. Cinnamon rolls were packed, coffee thermos ready and all the boats warmed up and full of bait for the morning fish. We headed out the south passage to red rock and started trolling around the kelp beds, instant takedown and a coho in the boat. It’s going to be a good morning… Then we have two more, but they turned out to be black sea bass.

Next hit was like a freight train, but something was off, screamed out half the reel and then nothing, shark attack I thought to myself, here we go… So, we did a few drops, grabbed a few lings, a nice yelloweye, and then started to troll again. I was marking fish on the sonar so we stopped to do the Hippa Drop, and instantly had a double header of Chinooks, landed both and kept going. Two more shark attacks and it was on, we were on a mission to land one of these tasty treats. Twenty minutes later a 6 foot, 87 lbs eating machine was harpooned, hog tailed and tied to the fishmaster boat.

Mission accomplished and they taste like swordfish! The seas were so smooth it looked like mercury and the weather just epic. Another coho, a few more spin on the hooks and then we spotted a monster bait ball boiling on the surface, trolled through it and lucked out on a 3rd Chinook and an undersized halibut and it was time for lunch!


Another awesome morning at Hippa Island. 


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  1. Wow fantastic news! Glad you ended up with a few fish in the box!

    By: Rob . July 18, 2017 . 1:15 am

  2. Laura,

    Just a quick note to thank you for the fine job that you and the crew did, We really enjoyed ourselves and it was a most memorable experience.

    Next time, we want to have an increased opportunity to catch the BIG ones and will therefore schedule a mid-June trip.

    Again, it takes a special person to have everyone work so hard, be so attentive, and always with a smile on their face. You do a great job!

    Thank you, David & Gary

    By: David & Gary . August 2, 2017 . 4:42 pm

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