Salmon Fishing Hippa Island

It was a smooth, sunny voyage North bound up the beautiful West Coast of British Columbia, we set our anchors in Nesto Inlet for the season and starting fishing at our summer home at Hippa Island. We started off our season with a fun derby and half our guests stayed on to guide our sponsored BC 40 hunts “warriors in the wild” veterans trip.  Another awesome way to kick off our 2017 fishing season, honored to share our sanctuary aboard the Charlotte Queen with each of our warriors in the wild, always remembering our friends who sacrificed their lives for the greater good.


We have had some challenging weather the last few days making the hunt for fish slightly more challenging, but the seas will not stay angry for much longer, already calming down and marking bait again.

Already, more cohos than years past and always consistent bottom fishing yielding quality ling cods, halibuts and yellow eyes. We have already released several halibut over 120 lbs and so many lings we can not even keep count. Looking forward to sharing this beautiful adventure with you soon! We shall keep you posted. Tight lines.


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