Salmon Fishing Hippa Island


It’s sunny and we head south to Red Rocks, a few humpback whales blow in the distance and Hippa Island looks tropical. We set up our net in anticipation of the coho rodeo about to commence. I start shedding layers, it is actually hot and my 4 layers of thermal long underwear was a bit over kill.

The humpbacks are still feeding and we start trolling over a massive ball of herring on the sounder, so we reel up our lines, start to drop through the bait and instantly hook up. Just as I get my 15 lbs coho ready to net, the two humpbacks simultaneously sound 100 yards off our stern, salt water glistening off their backs. These moments never get old, forever ingrained in our memories. My coho is not ready for the net, so it takes off again, ripping off line, back towards the boat at mock speed, I simply cannot reel fast enough, but manage to catch up the slack and net it one handed into the boat. The net is freed up just in time to net Jake’s coho and we high five just as boat seven lands another huge 16 lbs coho next to us!

Just an awesome afternoon off red rocks.


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