Salmon Fishing Hippa Island


The fog is thick offshore and the slow roll of the ocean with long period waves in between each set is mesmerizing. We head out the North passage yet again to the salmon hot spot and started trolling around at 20 pulls. Almost instantly we hook up on the starboard side, the reel screams out line and I kick the boat in neutral. All of a sudden, it starts racing towards the boat at mock speed, so I throw the fishmaster boat in forward to help catch up the slack line and there is tension again. I let the tide turn the boat again and just as we complete the rotation, the port rod gets buried.

It’s show time with a double header of Chinooks. The first one is low teens but scrappy, and puts up a great fight. It goes in the boat, bled, tagged and done. The second one starts to sound straight to the bottom in 240 feet of water, an epic battle for over 20 minutes, perfect tension, but not meant to be, this guy bites both hooks off and stays in the gene pool. Three more coho drive bys, clean hooks, not even a chance to get the rod out of the holder and they disappear, several 13-16 lbs cohos landed over the past few days, great fights. Another 3 chinooks played in our boat but unfortunately, the barbless hooks just slipped as they turned their heads thrashing at the surface, and gracefully continued their Southern journey. We ended off our morning with yet another great Chinook battle, she slammed the cut plug bait at 28 pulls on a six ounce weight light a freight train, netted and in the boat after yet another great fight, time to head in for lunch!


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