Salmon Fishing Hippa Island

It’s first light, my favourite time of the day, because it means it’s time to go fishing again! The pea soup fog is hanging low off the water, and the crisp scent of it is invigorating. We head North looking out for other boats and other obstacles. Thank goodness for our GPS and compass, because without any visual landmarks, it is very easy to steer off course. We arrive North and the Pacific Ocean looks like the consistency of mercury.  We can hear humpback whales blowing and singing in the distant, but we can’t see them. All senses are heightened, so the sound of the reels singing our favourite song of all, gets the adrenaline rushing. There have been some seriously healthy cohos hitting like freight trains, finning and jumping all around our boats teasing and tormenting us each time they are set free. Chinooks have been challenging the past few weeks, so catching them steadily trolling old school at 10-36 pulls has been awesome. The last few days have been refreshing. Bottom fishing at its finest, delicious meals, enthusiastic crew and smiles all around. Hippa, the way we know her.

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  1. Pleased to see the chinooks showing up now as mostly bottom fish have been posted on your
    FB page. Hope it continues. I’m available if you have a single opening for the latter part of August or early September.

    By: Don Rogers . August 17, 2016 . 7:48 pm

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