Salmon Fishing Hippa Island

Flat calm waters, and out of nowhere got a couple of head shakes and a big pull, so though I had a halibut, pulled it all the way up, couple of head shakes, back down a few times, and finally got it to the boat and low and behold a 31 lbs salmon pooped his heads through the sea foam in the water! Got to love Hippa! ~Doug

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  1. I had a nice king on, had some weight to it, fought it for a while, it took off like a freight train and almost got it back to the boat ready to net it and out of nowhere a sea lion just ripped me off, my dad laughing away, I was a little mad, but it was pretty cool to witness nature at its finest with humpbacks breaching in the background, does not get much better! ~Mike

    By: fishmaster . June 22, 2016 . 7:28 pm

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