Salmon Fishing Hippa Island

Helijet on deckThe moment the crew hears the sound of the helicopter in the distance, all hands are on deck. The well oiled changeover machine swings into full gear and all the inbound freight and bags are unloaded promptly. The outbound fish is loaded up and bound for our flight in Sandspit before our next flight of inbound guests arrive. This trip was a little more competitive than usual, so the radio silence at the start was surprisingly uncommon.


Derby Trip  June 7-11

The weather was tough the first few days, but smoothed right out and the sunshine and calm seas made the mother ocean look like the consistency of mercury as the morning mist was suspended off the water. Fishing started out slow, and just about two hours before tide change there was a mother bait ball and every boat was hooked up with a double header of Chinook and the bite was ferocious! Great to be back at Hippa! See you soon!


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