Salmon Fishing Hippa Island

I have never been to sea before, as I embarked the Charlotte Queen for my first maiden voyage, I was running on fumes. I worked until 1 am and hadn’t even packed yet, when my dad pulled up to pick me up with a couple of chatty dudes I didn’t know to drive to Canada eh? I got excited when I pulled up to the Charlotte Queen at the dock, felt like being reunited with my peeps.

First thing I noticed was a fresh paint job. I climbed aboard the ship, turned 360 degrees around in the river and headed North to Hippa. Heard the sound of the ships horn and knew I was in for the long haul. The first iconic moment of the trip was sailing past Swanson Island, which happens to be our last name. I was like a little schoolboy excited to catch some fish with my dad and see bears and eagles and sea lions again like last year.IMG_7394

My father really enjoyed the inside passage and how uninhabited and picturesque everything was. All in all pretty smooth sailing except for a few parts which were a little rocky crossing after Johnstone straight which was kind of exciting trying to stay in my bunk. Definitely will never go hungry on this ship, we ate like kings every day.


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