Salmon Fishing Hippa Island

Linnie & Konrad

We kicked off our 2013 season with Salmon galore! Chinook and Coho thick as thieves off Red Rock, Flat Tops, Light House, so abundant in fact, it was a challenge to get to the bottom fish: “A quality problem indeed,” stated many of our loyal guests.  A Few weeks later, the Salmon were furiously feeding along side dozens of humpback whales at the famous Freeman Rock.  Calm seas allowed us to venture to the South and sort through hundreds of Chinook, so far the largest of which was a 47 lbs beauty.  Halibut have been very productive, many released over the 49 inch regulation, but great Group Bestpictures and memories to be had fighting these barn doors. Many 30-50 pound Halibuts caught within the 49 inch regulation, which are ideal eating size and always entertaining engaging the harpoon and watching that orange buoy bounce away! We’ve had success to the North bottom fishing for Ling Cod and monster Yellow Eyes. We released a 180 lbs halibut, as well as several larger female ling cods ranging between 25-60 lbs.  As usual Hippa Island Food and Fishing at the Charlotte Queen has been solid, and we are simple warming up! Stay tuned on living the dream on the Charlotte Queen!

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  1. I have many fond memories of Freeman Rock fishing the kidney. I hope the weather will allow me to venture out to Freeman Rock during my upcoming trip. Glad to hear that Hippa is still producing despite all the weird weather.


    By: Gilbert Zigler . July 8, 2013 . 10:16 pm

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