Salmon Fishing Hippa Island

Another successful season comes to an end, how does it always fly by so quickly… ?? We anticipate the adventures of fishing Hippa Island in beautiful Haida Gwaii all year long and just as fast as we arrive, it seems as though it is time to leave again. Time flies by when we’re having fun catching fish that’s for sure! The whales were spectacular, the sun shined far more often than we are used to. We had quite a few Salmon Shark adventures this year! (National Geographic eat your heart out!). Most importantly, fishing was amazing, perhaps not as consistent as last year, but all around some extremely impressive fish were caught including our usual array of Salmon (including many Tyees), and Halibut (ranging from exactly 32” undersize to some quality 30-120 plus pounders).  Our largest female Halibut measured over 6 feet and was released unharmed to keep in the gene pool. Ling Cod and rock fish were plentiful as well.

Thank you fish gods.


The crew did a phenomenal job as usual this year, in taking care of our valued guests and making it such a welcoming and intimate environment. A big hand for the Charlotte Queen Crew.



On behalf of our entire Charlotte Queen Crew, we would like to thank all of our guests for yet another unforgettable season on board the MV Charlotte Queen. We truly look forward to seeing you this winter at the Sport Shows and most importantly fishing Hippa Island with you again next year!


Laura Rossy
Resort Manager & Fishmaster


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