Salmon Fishing Hippa Island

With winds and waves remaining a little larger than what would prefer, there was still some great fishing in and around Hippa. There was flat water to be found and places like the Bahamas were a little smoother and had plenty of sunshine. Our guests took advantage of their opportunities when they arose, like heading down to Freeman to find a lot of bait and quite a few chinooks. Halibut and bottom fishing is still proving plentiful all around the south end of Hippa. Great times, incredible fare and a fantastic crew were had by all.

Here’s Gordon joining the Tyee Club!!

Dennis and Ryan with a nice halibut.


Who’s catching who????

The usual fine cuisine on board the Charlotte Queen!

…..and great times at the end of a great day at Hippa!!


We are nearing the end of another great season as the crew will soon be getting ready to sail her back home.

We will still be after the elusive ‘Walter’ until then…..

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