Salmon Fishing Hippa Island

As has been predominant for a lot of this summer, the winds and seas have been challenging! But the fishing is still what is expected at Hippa…..fantastic! We’ve spent much of our time around the South part of Hippa, occasionally running further south when the weather permits us. Some very nice Hali’s have been taken at Red Rocks, Shipwreck and around the Flat Tops, and the coho’s are showing up in abundance lately.

Some good size chinooks around as well, as this near 40 pounder from Sylvan and Gail!

As said, some great halibut fishing and a nice one from Steve and Darryl.

Ron and Dana had a fun morning on the water!!

A good days work by Hugo and Dave!!

….and a nice halibut by Stu !

Keep doin’ what yer doin’…..and keep it reel!!

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