Salmon Fishing Hippa Island

The fish are in abundance and the sunscreen is flowing and the sun has been shining and the seas have laid down a little. Fishing has been excellent lately and there have been enough breaks in the weather for our guests to take advantage of it!! ShipWreck and Red Rocks are still proving plentiful for both salmon and halibut. And a few trips down to ‘The Rock” have been very successful!!

Here’s Larry and Trent with a fine morning’s haul!!


The ‘Doc’ with a beauty slab of chinook!!

Todd and Gary had a great time filling up their fish box!!

Our very good friend Fred……hi Fred!!!

Brian and Dave enjoying the great action!

…..and even I got in on some of the fantastic Hippa action!!


It was another fantastic trip with fabulous weather, calm seas and incredible guests…..not to mention the incomparable crew aboard the Charlotte Queen!! Hope to see all of our great friends again nest season!!


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