Salmon Fishing Hippa Island

Although the weather seems to be hampering us a little still, the salmon are prevalent and are tipping the scales nicely. Our average is up this season and though it was tough to fish the lumpy waters, there were some nice ones arriving back on the dock…..weighing from mid-twenties to mid-forties!!
Here’s Luke showing off a very nice 43 pounder!!

Very nice to make some new fishing friends in Mike, John ,Anthony, Peter, Sean, Keith..and of course, Joe!! Hats off to you, my friend!! As you can see…….you’ve still got it!!

John and Anthony with a nice catch!

Sean, Mike and Peter with a good haul!

Mike and Keith with a good morning of bottom fishing.

Always a pleasure to have you up Jim!! You and Dave had some fun.

Roger and Fred doing their share!


We’re looking forward to the sunshine on its way. Lots of salmon around and good size average!


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