Salmon Fishing Hippa Island

HAPPY CANADA DAY everyone!!! The crew and guests were celebrating in fashion!

July seems to be bringing some better weather and the fishing is still getting hotter and hotter!

Large bait balls are holding the salmon around Hippa Island and our guests are being rewarded mightily!

Bill and Shirley having a blast with some slabs!!

Fantastic to have Brian and Bruce join us with their boys!! They didn’t seem to have a problem filling their boat!!

Speaking of celebrations……a Very Happy Birthday to Joel!! Hope you enjoyed your birthday on board the Charlotte Queen!

Maddy and Dad Eugene with a good morning of fishing!!…..or should we say ‘catching’!!

Ryan and Tyson getting in on the fun!!

Kissing Cousins!!…..I meant the salmons Joel and Graham!! Great to have you guys.

Eugene and Larry doing their part.

And, of course, our very diligent and hard-working crew!!!


The skies have been bright and the fishing is tremendous!!! There is no better place in the world to be!

We love you Hippa!!


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