Salmon Fishing Hippa Island

Lots more action going on at Hippa! Even when the waters are a little lumpy, there are still spots to catch salmon and fill the boxes with bottom fish!!

Great to see Jim and Jordan again……and Jordan seems to always out-fish his Dad!!!

Linnie and Konrad with a nice assortment!! Well done guys!!

Always great to see our good friends Carol and Gary….having a fun morning with Laura……

Lloyd and Robin were getting in on the action with a colorful catch!

…even the crew were finding some slabs. Nice job Richie!

The chefs are still doing what they do best…..and I do mean BEST!!!

There have been some lumps on the water a day here and there as of late……but we still know how to have fun and fill up some fish boxes! Tides will be swinging smaller coming up and should heat up the fishing even more than it is now!!


Until the next time……..I hope you’re reel is a screamin’ !


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