Salmon Fishing Hippa Island

Humpback Whales and bait galore!!!! We have had numerous whales for a week now gorging on boiling schools of bait fish including herring, needle fish, and red masses of Krill. I counted 18 Bald Eagles yesterday diving into massive balls of bait fish surfacing off of red rocks and flat tops. They have been leading us to the bait for days now and many voracious Salmon in the mix. Not only is the wildlife phenomenal, the Chinook are plentiful!!

In the last week, it has been heating up and fishing is getting HOT!! We have been releasing as many,  if not more, than we are keeping. As always, being true sportsmen and women onboard the Charlotte Queen, keeping the bleeders as our first 3 and always saving room for the epic battle with the ever so elusive monster…“Walter”.

Rob and Ted tackled some nice one’s…..and did a good job of running us out of ink on the fish board!!

Al and Jim did their fair share of filling the boat! Great job boys!!

Always great to see you on the ship Donna!!!

The water is heating up and so is the fishing!! Salmon numbers are increasing and it has been fantastic early-season halibut fishing at Hippa!!

We’ll keep praying to the Fish Gods!!

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