Salmon Fishing Hippa Island

The waters seem to be warming up some and so does the fishing!!

Jim, Steve, Tom and their sons arrived to enjoy an early Father’s Day celebration……and boy, did they celebrate!!

Flexing their muscles trying to outdo Dad!!


….but as usual…..Dad always prevails…!


Jim and Ken had some excitement in filling up their fish box!!

It was great to welcome Gene and Doug onboard!!

They certainly enjoyed their fair share of a productive adventure…..

….Although Gene says he may not invite Doug back with him if he keeps showing him up!!

Nice work Doug on a 45 lb’er…..only a day after warming up with your 42 lb’er!!…..I don’t blame ya Gene!!

And speaking of 45 lb’ers…..Neil seemed to find one of his own!!

No doubt due to the guiding from Capt. Mike!! Good times boys!

Another great trip to Hippa!!


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