Salmon Fishing Hippa Island

Well, the Charlotte Queen arrived at Hippa at day break on the 1st of June. The Humpback whales greeted us as we entered the North passage by Hippa Rocks and made our way into Nesto Inlet to set anchor for the 2012 fishing season.

The first salmon of the season was a 44 lb Chinook caught off the lighthouse the very next morning  by Bob and Leslie.


Although not everyone got their limit of Chinook just yet, the last salmon of the trip was a 36 lb Tyee caught on the final morning. Outbound fish boxes had the full array of Salmon, Halibut, Ling Cod, Yellow Eye Rock Fish and even a few 7 lb June Cohos!

It was a terrific start to our season. Our first inbound flight of guests had nearly all experienced the fantastic fishing in Haida Gwaii in the past. There was a brief lull in the salmon bite, so they took the opportunity to bounce bottom and landed some quality Halibuts. Our owner,  Bruce Plankinton, successfully landed a 76 lbs Hali at the Hump on a mooching rod.


Our Colorado boys caught a couple more 40-60 Lbs slabs off Red Rock and Shipwreck to bring back to the Rocky Mountains. Nice job Mike!!


All in all another great trip with phenomenal food and fantastic company! The weather turned for a few days which we unfortunately have no control over and we found several Chinook off of the lee side of Hippa along black beach. Netting was a bit more challenging in the wind, but that didn’t stop our Southern California fish slayers from landing several big shiny beauties! We got a window to head to Freeman and it was turned on. Huge clouds of bait fish filled the sounders and yielded twin 45 lbs Chinooks by Neil and Doug.



A 39.5 lb Chinook headed to Texas with Robbie!


Twin 31 Tyees off Red Rocks in combination with sunshine and a sea that looked like lake water, it was a dream come true releasing double header after double header like last year with full limits of Chinook, Coho, Halibut, Ling Cod & Yellow Eye Rock Fish!

We’re back…. thank you fish gods!

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