Salmon Fishing Hippa Island

Well, it’s that time of year again when we all have the itch to get back up to Hippa for some more dynamite fishing!

Last year was one of the most exciting and productive fishing seasons we’ve had in many years! The numbers in returns of salmon were “off the charts” and forecasts are the same for this season! Our guests and crew enjoyed phenomenal fishing right from the first day to the last! Playing salmon all day was routine and catch & release was the name of the game as we couldn’t keep them off of our lines! All of our guests returned home with boxes of salmon, halibut and rock fish that I’m sure most are still working on!

The crew have been working diligently getting the ship ready for the season. We’ve made some upgrades again this  season to make your stay more comfortable. The new carpet looks fantastic!!

Were all hearing the screaming reels in the back of our minds and are anxious for bent rods and fighting salmon! The crew are preparing to settle in as the Charlotte Queen gets ready to set sail on the 27th of May for the Voyage to Hippa.

For those guests that have reserved their spot this season, we look forward to seeing and hosting you to a great fishing adventure this year! For those that haven’t and may be looking to enjoy some world class salmon and halibut fishing, feel free to contact us at for information, as we still have a few dates left!!

Best Fishes!



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