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  Note: All white fish recipes, cut fish to size skinned, pat dry, sprinkle with coarse sea salt Cajun LingCod ¼ cup smoked paprika 1 tbl Dry Mustard 2 tbl chili powder 1 tbl oregano 1 tbl black pepper 1 tbl Amchoor (mango powder) 2 tbl garlic salt 2 tbl onion salt Coat fish in seasoning Sear fish both sides…

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  September already??? Time flies when you’re fishing… Where did the season go?  It feels like we just arrived at Hippa Island and now it’s time to leave again and say farewell until next year. Such torn emotions, obviously we all miss our friends, family, and loved ones but there are still fish to catch!!! Leaving solid yellow bait balls…

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