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Flat calm waters, and out of nowhere got a couple of head shakes and a big pull, so though I had a halibut, pulled it all the way up, couple of head shakes, back down a few times, and finally got it to the boat and low and behold a 31 lbs salmon pooped his heads through the sea foam…

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DERBY 2016

The moment the crew hears the sound of the helicopter in the distance, all hands are on deck. The well oiled changeover machine swings into full gear and all the inbound freight and bags are unloaded promptly. The outbound fish is loaded up and bound for our flight in Sandspit before our next flight of inbound guests arrive. This trip…

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I have never been to sea before, as I embarked the Charlotte Queen for my first maiden voyage, I was running on fumes. I worked until 1 am and hadn’t even packed yet, when my dad pulled up to pick me up with a couple of chatty dudes I didn’t know to drive to Canada eh? I got excited when…

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