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Fish Report, August 21 – 28

With winds and waves remaining a little larger than what would prefer, there was still some great fishing in and around Hippa. There was flat water to be found and places like the Bahamas were a little smoother and had plenty of sunshine. Our guests took advantage of their opportunities when they arose, like heading down to Freeman to find…

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Fishing Report, Aug. 14 – 21

As the season is winding down, the fishing and the weather are heating up!! Some blue skies and sun…….and some very productive fishing from our latest guests. We saw some calmer waters and many smiles!! The halibut fishing is still incredible, with a few bigger ones this week! Here’s Mike and Gary with a good day’s catch…..and a nice hali…

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Fish Report, Aug. 7 – 14

Still some not-so-optimal weather and seas around, but we do what we can to continue the chase. The competition is growing larger at Hippa as we are seeing an influx of sharks moving in. I’m guessing it’s the water temperature from a that has so many around,and the abundance of bait and salmon that we get. They are really gorging…

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Fish Report, July 31 – Aug. 7

As has been predominant for a lot of this summer, the winds and seas have been challenging! But the fishing is still what is expected at Hippa…..fantastic! We’ve spent much of our time around the South part of Hippa, occasionally running further south when the weather permits us. Some very nice Hali’s have been taken at Red Rocks, Shipwreck and…

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Fish Report, July 24 – 31

Well, it seems it’s business as usual at Hippa Island!! Some days seem to have calmer waters than others, but the fishing is still spectacular!! The entire season has produced very well in terms of  ‘catching’, and this week was no different, with some dandy halibut and some really nice chinooks tipping the scales. Michael and Don were boating some…

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Fish Report, July 21 -24

The fish are in abundance and the sunscreen is flowing and the sun has been shining and the seas have laid down a little. Fishing has been excellent lately and there have been enough breaks in the weather for our guests to take advantage of it!! ShipWreck and Red Rocks are still proving plentiful for both salmon and halibut. And…

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