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Fish Report, July 14 – 21

Though the winds have still been hindering our daily routines, the fishing is nothing short of exceptional. Even on the days that we need to take cover, we are still finding some great fishing. The south end of Hippa seems to be producing the most, as Shipwreck and Red Rocks have been on fire for both salmon and halibut. Here’s…

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Fish Report, July 7 – 10

Although the weather seems to be hampering us a little still, the salmon are prevalent and are tipping the scales nicely. Our average is up this season and though it was tough to fish the lumpy waters, there were some nice ones arriving back on the dock…..weighing from mid-twenties to mid-forties!! Here’s Luke showing off a very nice 43 pounder!!…

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Fish Report, July 3 – 7

Though the breezes of the Pacific remain prevalent, the fishing around Hippa is still fantastic!! The Chinook salmon are abundant and seem to have a larger average than last season, with many in the 30 lb. range….and a bunch in the 40’s!! The halibut fishing remains consistent, with the majority of kept fish in the 20-60 lb. range, with a…

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Fish Report, June 30 – July 3.

HAPPY CANADA DAY everyone!!! The crew and guests were celebrating in fashion! July seems to be bringing some better weather and the fishing is still getting hotter and hotter! Large bait balls are holding the salmon around Hippa Island and our guests are being rewarded mightily! Bill and Shirley having a blast with some slabs!! Fantastic to have Brian and…

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Fish Report, June 26 – 30

Lots more action going on at Hippa! Even when the waters are a little lumpy, there are still spots to catch salmon and fill the boxes with bottom fish!! Great to see Jim and Jordan again……and Jordan seems to always out-fish his Dad!!! Linnie and Konrad with a nice assortment!! Well done guys!! Always great to see our good friends…

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Fish Report, June 23 – 26

It seems that all of this praying is really paying off! Three Tyees (Chinook over 30 lbs) so far this trip and, of course, a couple of big fish released to sustain their good genetics for future generations to enjoy catching as well. James and Robert with a couple of slabs!!   ….and a pretty productive day!! Michael and Tyler…

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Fish Report, June 19 – 23

Humpback Whales and bait galore!!!! We have had numerous whales for a week now gorging on boiling schools of bait fish including herring, needle fish, and red masses of Krill. I counted 18 Bald Eagles yesterday diving into massive balls of bait fish surfacing off of red rocks and flat tops. They have been leading us to the bait for…

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