Salmon Fishing Hippa Island

Charlotte Queen Adventures was born of a passion for Salmon and Halibut fishing in Haida Gwaii, BC. Truly the finest fishing in the finest location…


The Fishing

1 Our Salmon & Halibut fishing lodge is located in Haida, Gwaii, BC. At Hippa Island we are blessed with incredible abundance of all species of fish including Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Ling Cod, Sea Bass and much more! Combine that with our motor mooching method makes for a fishing unlike any other.

The Adventure

2 If you’re looking for the thrill of reeling in a record breaking Chinook or Halibut you’ve come to the right place! Remote, serene, but certainly not roughing it. Between the abundance of fish and our self-guided boats, your adventure is hands on, exciting, and safe with a Fish Master always nearby.

The People

3 With a maximum of twelve discerning guests at the fishing lodge and a crew of eight, we pride ourselves in offering an unsurpassed personalized service for our guests. A team effort based upon years of fishing resort experience, you will enjoy a fishing vacation that feel like home away from home.

About Us

After fishing the entire coast of BC and Alaska, angler Bruce Plankinton found nothing comparable to Hippa — no words, pictures or videos could capture all the magic and abundance of fish. Hippa Island is located on the West Coast of the Queen Charlotte Islands and within this secluded fishing bay you will experience a remarkable place we have been sport fishing for over ten years.

An amazing diversity of structure, most within 10 –15 minutes of the ship, create a remarkable fishery around Hippa Island.


A Mornings Catch

"A Mornings Catch"






Charlotte Queen Adventures is a class operation. The staff really add a lot to the overall experience. In the immortal words of our California Governor “I’ll Be Back!

Don Lyle, California